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Never Miss Café

Those who travel in the spirit of big outdoor adventures will undeniably find what they’re searching for in South Haven, Michigan. A trip to this lakeside city comes with endless opportunities to take to hiking trails on foot or bike, make the most of the river or set your sights on the waves of Lake Michigan. From beach hopping to paddle boarding, South Haven promises thrills and beyond. The beauty of South Haven also lies with its ability to combine the best of adventure and small-town charm. Before you set out for a day of adrenaline-pumping fun on the water, enjoy time indulging in the comfortable and quaint dining space that is Never Miss Café.

Small locale, Big Flavor

Settled pristinely at 05110 Blue Star Memorial Highway, Never Miss Café in South Haven is a tiny establishment boasting a plain white façade that holds bigger flavor than it’s exterior lets on. Open 6:00 am until 2:00 pm daily, locals know that this is the place to go when you want a taste of authentic flavor and all morning and afternoon breakfast options. Inside, Never Miss Café hosts a variety of comfortable bistro-style tables that provide plenty of space for patrons and visitors to cozy up and decide on something savory to start the day. Soft peach walls and simple cashiers counter give this café an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a cup of coffee and conversation or a robust meal to energize up, Never Miss Café has it all.

Never Miss Café Menu Favorites

Protein lovers will want to begin with a selection from the Doreen’s Favorite section of the menu which includes everything from fried steak to biscuits and gravy or a packed breakfast burrito sure to please. Never miss specials include scrambled eggs while the south beach omelet is always a fan favorite. Pancakes and French toast are readily available for those with a sweet tooth begging to be satisfied, however, it’s the cinnamon rolls that have earned Never Miss Café an amazing reputation built on extravagant flavor. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and milk are fully stocked when it’s time to pair your morning selection with the perfect beverage choice.

Stay and Enjoy the Beauty of South Haven

With so much to see, experience and do, there’s never been a better time to book a trip to South Haven. The team at Beachwalk Properties is here to take the stress out of finding the perfect vacation rental for your stay. Contact us for more information on our portfolio of properties and to learn more about Never Miss Café in South Haven!