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Bumbleberry Acres

If you need a break from the beach and are looking for some fun for the whole family on your upcoming vacation to South Haven then check out Bumbleberry Acres, where farm meets fun!

Pick Your Own Delicious Treats in Bumbleberry Acres!

If there’s one thing that the fine folks over at Bumbleberry Acres, South Haven know better than anyone else, it’s blueberries! They have been growing and picking the finest blueberries in all of Michigan for over 35 years, and now they’re giving you the opportunity to pick your own with U-Pick! While on the farm you and your family are able to pick your own blueberries, raspberries, fresh fruits and veggies, and much more! It’s an experience that is both fun and educational for the entire family!

Two Exciting Corn Maze Games!

Bumbleberry Acres features 10 acres of live corn, and they’ve turned this into a massive 3-mile long corn maze for the ages! In addition to simply exploring the maze on your own, there are also two different games that have been designed to provide competitive fun for all ages. The first is a CLUE-style treasure hunt game that takes place over 2.1 miles of the maze in which each player received a clue card with a different character. A person then chooses one of three clues at one of the many checkpoints scattered throughout the maze that they believe will give them the most treasure. It’s fast, it’s fun, and no two games end the same way! The other is a phenomenal “WHO Dunnit” game known as Farm Scene Investigation (FSI).

Visit and Get to Pet Real Farm Animals!

Now, what would a good farm be without farm animals, right? Well at Bumbleberry Acres, South Haven there is no shortage of barnyard friends to visit! All of the animals at Bumbleberry Acres are friendly and able to be petted, including rabbits, pigs, goats, chickens, and more!

When October Rolls Around the Spirits Rise… and Haunt the Corn Maze!

If you happen to be visiting the South Haven are during October then I would highly recommend visiting Bumbleberry Acres as many of their attractions transform into their spooky counterparts! The highlight of this is the haunted corn maze, which is seriously spooky fun for all ages!

These are just a few of the amazing things the good people at Bumbleberry Acres have going on throughout the year, and if you’re looking for fun for the whole family this upcoming vacation we highly recommend checking them out! Contact us today to book your next vacation rental!