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Fenn Valley Vineyards

If you ever wondered why the wine from the Lake Michigan area tastes so much better and has better flavors than wines from other regions, it has to do what is known as the “Lake Effect.” That’s when Lake Michigan tampers the harshness of the weather, allowing the grapes to grow and ripen with the full aromas the moderate temperatures add. And nobody understands the Lake Effect better than Fenn Valley Vineyards. This family-owned and operated business has been producing great wines from locally grown grapes since 1973. Their 240-acre farm is only five miles away from Lake Michigan, squeezed snugly between the Black River and the Kalamazoo River valleys. This ideal location ensures moderate temperatures both during the winter and summer months which explains their world-class wine.

Wine Tours and More

At Fenn Valley, the line between brewery education and wine entertainment is blurred. Their year-round tours give you a close and intimate look into how their renowned wine is made. But it’s not just all lecturing. You get a few glasses along the tour that lasts for one hour forty-five minutes to help you get the point. Depending on the weather, you might find yourself exploring the wine cellar during the winter and spring or taking a leisurely stroll in their magnificent vineyard and learning about the different premium grapes during the fall. The summer months give you the best of both those tours.

Special Events in the Vineyards

Besides the wine and vineyard tours, there are special events that combine food, wine, and music in one lively festival. Learn how to pair wine and food as a chef give you tips and teaches you about their culinary skills in a Girl’s Afternoon Out. Or you can join the fun in the wine cellar where wine by the glass, local food, and live music are all served on a special occasion called Saturday Night Cellar Dance. You can expect a lot of prancing as the wine starts flowing. And around December of every year, the first wine from the vintage is rolled out with a celebration of its own called Nouveau Fest. They are open all year round for tasting between 11 am to 5 pm between Sunday and Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, the tasting is extended until 7 pm. You can call them at 269-561-2396 and visit their vineyard at 6130 122nd Avenue, Fennville, MI 49408.

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