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Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum

When you’re in the mood for a lakeside vacation with all the added benefits of amazing hiking trails, incredible restaurants, boutique shops, and stunning views, there’s no better place to set your sights than South Haven, Michigan. For those that love outdoor fun, Lake Michigan and the enticing South Haven terrain make this a great place to unwind in sporting style. For those who are more excited about the idea of observing the beauty of nature and all its intricate workings, you won’t want to miss a trip to the Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum while you’re in town. Built-up in the home of horticulturist Liberty Hyde Bailey, Jr., this museum takes guests on a trip through the life, philosophies, and works that combined, made this individual such an incredible force in the world of horticulture.

South Haven’s Icon

Sitting at 903 S. Bailey Avenue, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum in South Haven functions as a non-profit organization that provides guests with an extensive collection of artifacts that take visitors on a journey through Bailey’s life and professional achievements. The home is wonderfully preserved, and much to the delight of those who love history, remains very much a vision of what it was during his lifetime. The beauty, intrigue, and historical relevance of the museum make it a prime place for the city to host several events throughout the year. With grants from The National Endowment for the Arts and the Michigan Council for the Arts, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum can act as a public outreach and educational center as well. Today, this museum also enjoys the title of National Historic Site.

Making the Most of the Museum Gardens

While the many interior exhibits and displays are sure to please, there’s something special about a walk through the museum gardens. It’s here that visitors get a true look at what inspired Bailey to go into his line of work. Spacious lawns and meticulously curated beds of florals invite guests to come and enjoy a moment of peace or wonder at the many colors and textures that are on full display.

Planning a Visit to the Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum

The Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum is open between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Saturday. While admission is free, donations are encouraged to continue the museum’s ability to provide a place of inspiration and education for years to come.

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