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Mcintosh Orchard

If you’re looking for something unique to do on your next South Haven vacation that will create lasting memories for the entire family, then look no further than McIntosh Orchards!

Incredible Cider from Their Own Cellar

If there’s one thing that McIntosh Orchards in South Haven is truly known for and causes both locals and tourists alike to come back year after year, it has to be their homemade cider. McIntosh Orchards has their own mill on-site and makes their cider fresh with fruit fresh from the trees, and with one sip you’ll truly be able to tell the difference this makes! The two local favorites are their apple and pear ciders, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting and tasting all of the wonderful concoctions they have brewing every single day! No matter what you get it’s guaranteed to be two things: fresh, and delicious.

Visit their Legendary Tasting Room

Located right on the property is also something that has become a legend of sorts for the people of South Haven: the McIntosh tasting room. In addition to the delicious ciders they produce, McIntosh Orchards also is an experienced winery and produces some of the most delicious spirits you’ll find anywhere in Michigan! They have their own tasting room that you can visit and try all of their creations first hand, and if you’re a wine enthusiast this is truly a hidden gem you do not want to miss.

Go Out and Pick Your Own Fruit at McIntosh Orchards!

Now one thing is for certain: McIntosh Orchards would not be able to create all of these incredible spirits and ciders without using the freshest ingredients, right? Well, you can go out and experience this for yourself! McIntosh Orchards allows guests to go out into their orchards and handpick some of their delicious fruit, and you can even buy a pie made with the fruit you pick yourself! This is one thing that truly rises McIntosh Orchards in South Haven above the rest – not only can you taste the quality their fresh fruits make, but you can see them for yourself first hand.

McIntosh Orchards is truly one of the best and most unique attractions in South Haven and one that can be fun for the entire family! So the next time you’re in town make sure to check them out! They are located at 6431 107th Avenue, and if you have any questions contact them anytime at (269) 637-7922.

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