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Ice Rink

If you are looking for a “cool” time that is fun for the whole family during your South Haven adventure, make sure you check out the South Haven Ice Rink. This covered outdoor pavilion is the perfect place to lace-up skates for the first-time or practice your turns.

Skate During Any Conditions

The South Haven Ice Rink uses a cooling system that keeps the ice at frozen temperatures even during a warm day. The rink is usually open during all weather conditions—even when it is snowing in full force! The overheard pavilion protects skaters from any weather conditions, making sure you have the perfect skating surface. The ice is also professionally cleaned with an ice resurfacer, so you will not be finding any cracks in this ice.

No Skates, No Problem

One of the biggest detractors for first-time ice skaters is not owning a personal pair of ice skates. Fear not, as the South Haven Ice Rink has tons of rental options so you can lace-up with a perfectly fitted pair of skates.

Try Out Curling

We have all seen curling on the Winter Olympics and may have made a joke or two about it, but you cannot ignore how fun this game can be. Curling is an exciting sport that almost anyone can do, even if you do not know how to skate. Curling lessons are available each week and a league of teams plays for several seasons each year.

Finding the South Haven Ice Rink

You can find the South Haven Ice Rink in downtown South Haven right across the street from City Hall under the pavilion. Call the South Haven Ice Rink for hours and questions at 269-639-1113. Come see how exciting ice skating can be!

Planning Your South Haven Adventure

For the vacation of a lifetime, make sure to choose Beachwalk Properties for your stay at South Haven, Michigan. Our exclusive list of vacation rental properties sits right by the water of Lake Michigan for an unbelievable experience. Let our friendly staff help you find the perfect vacation rental for your stay by giving us a call. Come experience the beauty and luxury of Beachwalk Properties at Lake Michigan.