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Epicurean Journey for Lake Michigan and South Haven Dining

When you pack for your trip to South Haven, Michigan, you’ll want to make sure to bring your eating pants and your fancy pants along with you. The town not only has great watersports, hikes, and bike rides, but it is also a great place to eat. From fun family restaurants to fine dining establishments, the Catskills of the Midwest offers a wide variety of culinary experiences. You could easily plan your trip around the food and make a list of the best places to enjoy South Haven dining to go for every meal.


Midwesterners like a hearty meal when they start their day. Six Chicks Scratch Kitchen offers huge breakfasts that will appease both the health fanatic and the griddle enthusiast. Be sure to try an omelet with the house potatoes, which are a combination of sweet and red potatoes. The croissant French Toast is sweet, crunchy, and buttery and comes with powdered sugar. No trip to South Haven would be complete without a trip to Big Boy. They are famous for their strawberry Belgian waffles, potato pancakes, and tongue-in-check, kitschy décor.


If you are looking for a quick meal in a friendly atmosphere, you will want to check out Captain Nemo’s. They serve a great shrimp po-boy, curly fries with just the right amount of grease and salt, and rich and indulgent ice cream. Be sure to try the butter pecan in a butterscotch sundae. If you would rather enjoy Lake Michigan dining with table service, Clementine’s offers a menu with an imaginative take on traditional pub food. The best of the menu includes pepper jack fried cheese sticks, a spinach salad with apples and sweet onion dressing, and pan-fried perch.


South Haven is a great family fun spot by day, but it offers many elegant places to dine at night. Butch’s Dry Dock is a seafood spot that has a knowledgeable staff and a menu of well-prepared traditional favorites. Start your meal with mussels and the piquant tomato basil soup. Enjoy a main course of salmon with vegetables or fettuccini alfredo. The cocktails here are top-shelf and expertly crafted. Be sure to try a Rhyebarb, made with Rye, Robarbaro, and old-time bitters.

Where to Stay to Enjoy The best South Haven Dining

There are a lot of hotels in South Haven, but the rooms are small, and they offer few amenities. Let the vacation experts at Beachwalk Properties find you a vacation home. Our homes have big living rooms, comfortable bedrooms, and state-of-the-art kitchens to use when you aren’t enjoying South Haven and Lake Michigan dining. Give us a call today at 269-767-6125.