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South Haven and Lake Michigan Wildlife Journey

If you are a Midwesterner and a nature lover who is looking for an inexpensive but fabulous getaway, you must take a trip to South Haven, Michigan. South Haven sits along the shores of the magnificent Lake Michigan. It offers both challenging and easy hikes, great mountain biking, and lots of beautiful wildlife. You and your family can enjoy the outdoors on your own or go with a guide. Whatever you do, you should make a definite plan; the Catskills of the Midwest is a popular place to enjoy Lake Michigan wildlife.

The Lake

Lake Michigan is considered to be the most ocean-like of lakes, and it offers sailing, swimming, bodyboarding, and parasailing. The waters of Lake Michigan are the perfect temperature for swimming and the wind makes that water just wavy enough to make it fun. The waves on Lake Michigan are just perfect for bodyboarding and Sleeping Bear Surf and Kayak will be happy to rent or sell you aboard. You can take a sailboat ride or rent a boat for yourself. Sailing South Haven can take you on a two-hour chartered ride for just $55.00 or $65.00 if you prefer to sail at sunset.  In terms of Lake Michigan wildlife, on the lake, you will see seagulls, cranes, ducks, and geese.

Hiking Trails

There are many beautiful trails in and around South Haven and there is something for every level of experience. The Kal-Haven Trailhead is 33 miles long and located on an old railroad bed. It is a family-friendly trail that will take you through many charming small towns and bridges. Many people come here to mountain bike. The Black River Forest Preserve is in Geneva and offers both easy and difficult trails. It is known for its beautiful streams and tall trees that turn beautiful colors in the fall. If you are up for a drive, you may want to journey to Sleepy Hollow, which is just 15 miles from South Haven. The park has a lovely river and is a great place to go camping, and you will see many kinds of birds, as well as deer and coyotes.

Where to Stay to Truly Enjoy Lake Michigan Wildlife

A day on the water or on the trail can leave you tired and in need of a hot bath and a good night’s sleep. The vacation experts at Beachwalk Properties can find you a vacation home that is comfortable and loaded with amenities. Many of our summer homes come with such features as fire pits and hot tubs and we always offer free Wi-Fi and cable TV. Call us today at 269-767-6125.