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South Haven, Michigan is known and loved for many things. From the pristine beaches that line Lake Michigan to the family-friendly parks, it’s a destination that calls to visitors of all ages. Outdoor enthusiasts love the many opportunities to take to the trails in the name of hiking, biking and exploring. Those passionate about watersports love the fact that endless opportunities await around every watery corner. Winter adventurers are even part of the mix with South Haven turning into an oasis of fun for snowmobilers and cross-country skiers when cold weather rolls into town. However, it’s the South Haven Art Fair that has earned the title of the longest standing event this region host. That fact alone makes it worth a visit to South Haven in the summertime.

Art lined up at the South Haven art fair

South Haven Art Fair Facts

For over 60-years the city of South Haven has hosted the annual Art Fair at Stanley Johnston Park in the name of creativity and promoting the local artistic community. Featuring more than 120 artists on average, this well-loved fair attracts nearly 40,000 visitors each and every year. Whether they’re coming to browse the beautiful works, grab a bite of something delicious or enjoy the many live concerts that are free to the public, the South Haven Art Fair is full of fun for guests of all ages and interests. In 2019, the festival will once again be proudly held at 202 Dyckman Avenue June 29th through June 30th. There is no cost or prior ticket purchase necessary for guests to come and enjoy the festival in its entirety however artists wanting to have a booth to display their works will need to apply prior to March 9, 2019.

Art and Design Features

The South Haven Art Fair hosts a variety of artistic mediums for guests to enjoy and before the fair is over, artist works are judged by a qualified panel on everything from best of show to artistic excellence. Visitors to the South Haven Art Fair will enjoy browsing works that include clay, glass, pastel paintings, jewelry, sculpture, mixed media, print, wood, and drawings. Feel free to admire these many creative pieces or inquire with the artist about the potential for purchase. Whether you come to look or are on the hunt for the next unique piece to complete your home’s décor, a trip to the South Haven Art Fair is sure to be a fantastic event.

An Artistic Getaway to South Haven

Let the team at Beachwalk Properties complete your artistic stay in South Haven by booking you a beautiful beachfront vacation home while you’re here. Stay close to the fun activities and enjoy the privacy that comes with a top-class rental. Contact us today to start planning!

South Haven, Michigan is well-loved for its watery location on the shores of Lake Michigan. A prime destination for those with a passion for water sports, beach-hopping or simply soaking up the scenic views the preservation of all that’s most adored about South Haven stays top of mind when June rolls around. The Mermaid Megafest is a three-day city-wide event that celebrates what’s wonderful about South Haven’s shoreline location while simultaneously raising money to protect these all-important waterways from future damage.

Splashing fins at Mermaid Megafest

About Mermaid Megafest

Mermaid Megafest is held June 14th through the 16th and requires nothing more of guests than to come in their best mermaid-themed costume and have an amazing time raising money for a worthy and watery cause. Open to adults and kids alike, Mermaid Megafest may be themed around sirens of the seas, but it’s not uncommon to witness many participants dressed like pirates and sailors too! The overall goal of the festival is to bring waterfront awareness into the spotlight. Lake Michigan and surrounding similar bodies of water face their own set of ecological challenges that must be met head-on if locals and visitors are to enjoy these precious natural features for years to come. The event encourages guests to donate to this worthy cause over the course of the 3-day festival.

What to Expect

While many participants will be dressed in their mermaid best, don’t be surprised to run into throngs of professional mermaids at this event as well! Career mermaids that make a living performing across the globe alongside dolphins, whales and even sharks head towards South Haven to perform a variety of shows during Mermaid Megafest. These underwater wonders make for a delightful performance and are willing to answer the questions of any aspiring future mermaids as well. Beyond the magical mermaid performances, guests will enjoy a variety of vendors offering up delicious bites for sit-down or take away enjoyment. Additionally, the festival is packed with a live-music lineup that’s made to impress. Kids activities, arts, crafts and exhibits make this one of the most informative, imaginative and fun festivals that South Haven hosts annually. From flotillas to conference-style gatherings, Mermaid Megafest truly has something for everyone. In 2018, Mermaid Megafest participants extraordinarily broke the Guinness World Record for most mermaids on the beach at one time. There’s no limit to the record-breaking possibilities 2019 could hold for mermaid hopefuls. Make sure to carve out time in the calendar for a June trip to South Haven when Mermaid Megafest takes over the entirety of Casco township.

A Magical Getaway to South Haven

When Mermaid Megafest is in town, make sure you’re booked into a beautiful beachfront vacation rental with Beachwalk Properties. Our team of professionals will make sure you’re in a charming home that fits all your vacation expectations. Contact us today to start planning your magical getaway to South Haven.

South Haven, Michigan has long been an icon of maritime achievement and enjoyment. It’s a beautiful location on the shore of Lake Michigan makes it a destination outdoor enthusiasts flock to in the name of boating, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and beach-hopping. While these scenic shorelines have innovatively kept up with the changing times, every year the Michigan Maritime Museum hosts a traditional event that reminds visitors how to honor the past while moving towards the future. The Blessing of the Fleet and BBQ is an event travelers to South Haven won’t want to miss when they come by in May.

Boats at the harbor ready for the Blessing of the Fleet

Event Details

At 6:00 pm on May 24, 2019, South Haven will once again play host to the Blessing of the Fleet and BBQ to follow. Located at 260 Dyckman, the Maritime Museum proves the ultimate venue for such an event. Tickets go on sale at $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children. The price of admission includes an opportunity to witness a fleet of vessels being blessed for the upcoming boating season in traditional style. Once the blessing is complete guests can enjoy a BBQ picnic sure to be a savory experience for the entire family! Feel free to enjoy time at the Museum by browsing the exhibits or take advantage of the social aspect of this fun event by mixing and mingling with other visitors and locals during dinner.

Historical Relevance of the Blessing of the Fleet

The blessing of the fleet is a traditional ceremony that has historical roots reaching back to Mediterranean fishing communities hundreds of years ago with some believing the tradition began as far back as the ancient Greek fishing communities. Originally, the blessing of the fleet was viewed as a primarily Catholic tradition, but today, the ceremonial tradition has spread across many religious groups. Whether it’s carried out by a priest or pastor it is performed in the hopes of blessing sailing vessels for both a safe and successful season on the water. It is a ceremony that sheds light on traditions of the past while maintaining hope for the future and with an eye always on a season that is bountiful.

Stay in Style

Once the blessing and BBQ are done, make your way back to a vacation rental that meets all of your vacation expectations. The team at Beachwalk Properties is here to help take care of your accommodation details so you can focus on enjoying your South Haven adventure. We’ll match you with a waterfront property that comes complete with the plush amenities and stylish furnishing you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to get started.

South Haven’s perfect location on Lake Michigan makes it an angler’s dream destination. Miles of shoreline and easy water access points bring out the best in those who live to cast a line. While fishing is a fun hobby for some, for others it’s a passion that’s met with unsurpassed excitement with every new season that opens. As a way to ring in the official start of fishing season in Michigan, the South Haven Steelheaders Pro Am has become an annual icon of angling mastery in this region and is not to be missed.

A man pulling back on a fishing rod during the South Haven Steelheaders Pro Am

Bring on the Boating Season

Novice and expert anglers will want to make their way towards South Haven May 17th through the 19th of 2019 in the name of the annual South Haven Steelheaders Pro Am. This community-loved event opens the boating season and is a wonderful way to get together with others who share a passion for reeling in the next great catch. A focus on trout and salmon brings in anglers from all over the country for the chance to participate in this 3-day tournament filled with fun and fierce competition. A tradition in South Haven for the past 33-years makes this one of the most anticipated events of the spring.

South Haven Steelheaders Tournament Specifics

The South Haven Steelheaders tournament begins with a Friday 5 challenge and as it progresses, provides opportunities for anglers to earn awards for the biggest fish as well as the biggest fish overall! Second chance events are sponsored by local businesses hoping to help anglers reel in something special at the last moment. In order to earn a free tournament t-shirt and a chance to be entered into several raffles for fishing-themed prizes, participants are encouraged to register for a place online before April 30, 2019. A $50.00 late fee is only applied for participants who sign up on or after May 11th. Registration and the first few day’s events are regularly held at the Southside Marina on Black River and weigh-ins are conducted at this site as well. Marine fuel docks can be found just down the road on William’s Street while the public boat launch is accessible on Dunkley Avenue.

Fish and Stay Awhile

While all the excitement of the open boating season and the South Haven Steelheaders tournament makes for an angling adventure, keep the good vibes going well after the sun goes down by booking a vacation rental with Beachwalk Properties. We’ll keep you close to the access points you’ll need while providing a home away from home that comes with the comfort and luxurious amenities you deserve. Contact us today to start planning your fishing getaway to South Haven.