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Hotels vs Vacation Rentals

One of the most challenging things about planning a vacation is deciding where to stay, especially if you are visiting a popular resort town like South Haven, Michigan. You can always go on a discount travel website and find yourself a hotel room, but you may want to consider renting a vacation home. When you consider the space, location, and amenities offered, you will often find that a vacation home makes more sense.

Space in Our South Haven Vacation Rentals

If you go with a hotel, you are likely to end up with a two-hundred square foot room in which most of the space is taken up by furniture. The tiny bathroom is likely to have only a shower stall, and if there is a tub it is likely to be so shallow that only a child would be able to take a bath. If you get a luxury hotel room it will have a bit more space and a nicer bathroom, but you will pay twice as much. If you are traveling with more than two people, you will need at least two rooms to be comfortable. In either case, you will not have a kitchen or a living room where you can all gather.
If you stay in a vacation home instead you will have at least two bedrooms, a bathroom, a full kitchen with all the appliances, and a comfortable living room. Plus, many vacation homes come with their own backyards and/or patios.


No matter where you travel, the location of a hotel can often determine the cost. If you book a hotel you may end up with a view of the highway where you will get to listen to traffic all night. If you want to stay at a hotel by the water in South Haven, it is likely to cost you quite a bit, and if you go through a discount travel service, you may end up with a view of the parking lot. If you rent a vacation home, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Michigan from your very own patio. Some bedrooms will have a view of the lake and some will look out onto a lovely backyard or tree-lined street.


A hotel may offer a free breakfast that consists of coffee and donuts or a store-bought muffin. In a vacation home, you will have a full kitchen in which to cook and enjoy a full breakfast. When you figure in the cost of meals, the price of a vacation home is a better value than the price of a hotel.

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