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Casco Township Nature Preserve

If you are looking for the perfect place to hike and picnic in South Haven, Michigan, you will want to check out the Casco Township Nature Preserve. The preserve runs along Lake Michigan and is located in Allegan County. The Nature Preserve offers beautiful trails, picnic tables, and panoramic views.

The Preserve

The Casco Township preserve opened in August of 2012 and it was the county’s first public park. It spans an impressive twenty acres which include 400 feet of beach. You will find the preserve located just south of 109th Avenue on Blue Star Highway.
There is a large parking lot at the park and there are plenty of bathrooms along the way. There is a steep staircase that leads down to the beach. If you stand at the top of the stairs you will see some truly breathtaking views of the lake.

What You Will See at Casco Township Nature Preserve

Whether you go in the summer when the views of America’s most ocean-like lake are clear and the weather is perfect for a day on the water, the fall when the multicolored leaves carpet the trail and the sky is full of grey and orange clouds, or the spring when you will see everything blooming under the grey sky, a hike in this park is always beautiful and worth the trip.

When you walk along the shore of the Casco Township, you will find many colorful rocks along the way, including beach glass. Beach glass is the freshwater version of sea glass. Both kinds of glass are formed when broken glass along the water tumbles and grinds away until it is smoothed, and the edges become rounded and chemically altered, giving it a frosted appearance. Beach glass is the same thing but has a less frosted appearance. Many people collect glass to make jewelry.

Where to Stay

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