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Woodman Beach

South Haven, Michigan has long been loved for its idyllic location along the shores of Lake Michigan. Renowned for its many summertime options, beach lovers flock to this destination in hopes of finding that perfect sandy spot to call their very own. From lighthouses to lengthy piers, South Haven offers beachgoers plenty of options for discovering delightful shorelines alongside an intriguing view. Those looking for a place to settle into the sand for the day will want to consider the benefits of a trip to Woodman Beach.

A Tucked Away Beach Treat

Sitting pristinely along the beautiful North Shore, this beach in South Haven, MI is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon soaking up the sun without having to deal with large crowds. Open from sunrise until 10:00 pm daily, Woodman Street Beach can be found south of Dyckman Beach on N. Shore Drive. Long stretches of white sand framed by a deep blue shoreline make Woodman Street Beach a perfect location for a quiet and peaceful afternoon of leisurely delights. Bring a chair, towel, and umbrella and get ready to indulge in the tranquility that Woodman Street Beach provides. When you’re ready for a swim, the temperate lake waters make this a comfortable place for a dip for cooling off.

Accessing Woodman Beach

If you’re staying anywhere near the North Shore then Woodman Beach is easy to access on foot. Those planning on traveling a significant distance to enjoy this particular beach will want to keep their eyes open for exit 22 off of I-196. Parking is $7.00 per vehicle for the day but provides convenient access to the water while remaining well enough away from the lounging area to maintain a sense of quiet and calm.

Know Before You Go

Unlike other beaches in South Haven, MI that are packed with tourists, Woodman Street Beach is ideal for the beachgoer who loves the simplicity of a day spent between sand and sun. Be sure to pack a snack or light lunch when you come as well as plenty of water and sunscreen. While amenities aren’t too far away, a day at Woodman Street Beach should be planned for by having the essentials packed and in hand when you arrive.

A Sunny Stay in South Haven

When you’re here to soak up the sun and make the most of the sand, be sure to let the experts at Beachwalk Properties take care of your vacation accommodations. We’ll make sure you’re booked into a charming beachfront location that keeps you close to the surf while providing the luxury and privacy you crave. Contact us today to start planning!