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While many people wouldn’t think of South Haven as a place to visit during a vacation, those in the know realize that our favorite place on earth is filled with a natural beauty that makes it the perfect place for your annual getaway. Tranquil beaches, beautiful homes, and a downtown so charming it could have come straight from the frame of a Norman Rockwell painting are just a few of the reasons your next vacation should be here,and our guide to the best sights and landmarks in South Haven will help make sure that you don’t miss a single moment of the fun that awaits you!

South Haven Light, 355 Hubbard Street

Since 1903, the iconic South Haven Light has stood at the entrance to Lake Michigan’s Black River. Standing strong and proud, and constructed of steel painted barn red, it’s been the backdrop of thousands of family photos over the decades, and when you visit South Haven, it can be the supporting actor in your family photos as well!

Van Buren State Park, 23960 Ruggles Road

The simple joys of exploring the state parks in the vacation destinations of your choice can’t be overestimated, and a visit to Van Buren State Park will be one for the memory books! Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, it’s the place to enjoy hiking trails, picnic tables, and a mile of beach perfect for playing, reading, or simply watching the sun set over the waters on any quiet evening during your stay!

Casco Township Nature Preserve, 716-762 Blue Star Memorial Highway

As a nation, we have forgotten the importance of preserving the natural landscape, but in South Haven that is not an issue, and the Casco Township Nature Preserve is the perfect example. Offering paved paths, picnic tables, and some of the most breathtaking scenery in Michigan, when you visit the preserve you realize anew how important it is to conserve and protect our natural landscape.

See the Landmarks in South Haven at the Douglas Root Beer Barrel, 701 West Center Street, Douglas

Landmarks in South Haven don’t always have to be breathtaking and awe-inspiring; sometimes they can be slightly wacky and weird and make us smile. The Douglas Root Beer Barrel in nearby Douglas is one such landmark. A hotdog stand built to look like a gigantic root beer barrel, it has been open since 1952 and is still going strong after being renovated in 2011. Still serving hot dogs and root beer, your summer break in South Haven will not be complete without a visit to this quirky landmark!

Your South Haven Experience Begins and Ends with Beachwalk Properties

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People from all over the country are delighting to find opportunities for quintessential beach living in South Haven, Michigan. Amazing views, fun on the beach, and a unique community are certainly the main reasons for any visit here. But upon visiting, people discover many one of a kind events that each provide an unforgettable experience, particularly during the winter time. These are 3 of the best Winter events in South Haven that you should not miss.

Holiday in the Park

Officially, this event is dedicated to lighting the community holiday tree, but there is so much more to love than that. On November 23rd from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM, Dykman Park comes to life with this celebration of the coming of the holidays. Along with the lighting ceremony, you will have the opportunity for ice skating, enjoying the Santa Paws Pet Parade, karaoke, and so much more. This is one of the best Winter events in South Haven. It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know this community!

New Year’s Eve in the Haven

South Haven knows how to celebrate the coming of a new year just about as well as anyone. Beginning at 7 PM on December 31st, the entire downtown area will be dedicated to the festivities, so you can walk freely among the streets celebrating with locals and visitors alike. Enjoy incredible live music, amazing food, dance parties, and so much more. Stick around until midnight for an awesome New Year’s surprise when you experience the best Winter events in South Haven!

Ice Breaker

This winter festival is marked on every single local’s calendar because they know what an amazing time it is. The downtown area is cleared for all the fun in the form of incredible ice sculpture demonstrations, sled races, chili cook-offs, ice skating, and so much more. This ultimate celebration of the winter comes in the downtown area from February 1st through the 3rd.

Enjoying The Best Winter Events in South Haven with Our Amazing Vacation Rentals

There are so many amazing places to stay that are available to you and your group this winter. You cannot miss them when you look to Beachwalk Properties to provide the right one for you. Choose from beautiful cottages on the beach, cozy homes amidst charming neighborhoods, and much more. Regardless of where you choose to settle down, it is a certainty that it will be an amazing place to stay both in the comforts of home and the luxuries of a vacation.

Find the comfort of home in quality beds, a full kitchen, and a spacious dining room. Find luxury in high-end furniture, flat screen TVs, beautiful décor, and so much more. Throughout the endless options we provide, you will find the perfect place to make amazing memories. Find your home away from home with us today!

People travel to South Haven, Michigan to find the incredible beauty and slow pace of life that comes with beach living. A charming community and beautiful beaches facilitate this lifestyle wonderfully. But the community also provides incredible shopping opportunities that you will not find anywhere else. Nothing compliments a day at the beach like these three South Haven shopping spots representing the best the area has to offer.

Blue Star Studio of Wood and Glass

Here, shopping is not simply about leaving with great items, but it is an experience in and of itself. You do not have to buy anything in order to have a phenomenal day shopping here. Find countless items that range from functional pieces to aesthetically beautiful ones. You can find jewelry, blown glass items, turned wood pieces, and so much more. Find it at 1684 Blue Stay Highway.

Barden’s Farm Market

This farm market offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity that you can only find daily from May 1st through October 31st. During this time and between 9 am and 7 pm, you will find a shopping experience that embodies the heart of this town. Get lost in endless rows of locally grown flowers, fruits, vegetables, local crafts, and so much more. This is an experience that not only provides amazing items and products, but a full immersion into this one of a kind community. Find it at 1101 Phoenix Street.

Downtown South Haven

The Harbor in Downtown South Haven is home to countless shops that provide a little something for just about everyone. Find upscale women’s fashion at unique boutiques like Janny’s Beach House and Crescent Moon, while you can find something for the whole family at N & R Department Store. For all of your beach needs, visit Harborwear, for a cool souvenir check out Flamingo Island, and for beautiful pieces of jewelry, stop by Black Pearl.

Find the Perfect Vacation Home

The beginning of your vacation starts with “shopping” in one sense or another as you endeavor to find the perfect place to stay during your South Haven vacation. Well you will find nothing but joy and ease in this “shopping” experience when you look to Beachwalk Properties to provide you with the vacation home of your dreams. We are one of the best vacation rentals providers in the area because of the amazing selection of homes that we provide, along with the ease of finding the right one for you. Pick between beautiful homes and condos offering spacious living rooms, cozy bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, and so much more to love. Find it easier than ever by browsing our website today!

A trip to South Haven, Michigan always comes with great times on the beach and throughout this charming town. But a big part of the experience here is the food. You will find something for everyone here, especially those that are looking for a healthy meal that will leave them energized rather than sluggish. The following are the five best healthy places to eat in South Haven.

Kitchen 527

Kitchen 527 takes classics that we all love and gives them new life with fresh ingredients and unique preparation. You can certainly have yourself a not-so-healthy meal while here, but you will find delicious and healthy options in the largest salad bar in town, quinoa sweet potato cakes, pan-seared Atlantic salmon, and more. Check it out at 527 Phoenix Street.


As the name suggests, this is the place to go for the best small plates in town. Among the healthiest and most delicious are their seafood small plates with an emphasis on the freshest sushi in town. Eating healthy has never been so delicious as it is here with tuna tartare, hummus plates, crab & avocado rolls, and so much more. Find the best sushi in town and much more at 402 Phoenix Street.


Imagination and the freshest ingredients make this the best American fare that you can find in South Haven. Of course, any place offering American cuisine offers its fair share of fried food, but you can also find lean and delicious meals like mussels sautéed with spinach and onions, shrimp and spinach salads, and incredible salmon entrees. Eat well at 500 Phoenix Street.

Su Casa

The dedication to fresh and healthy foods here is reflected in a seasonal menu, in which you can only find the highest quality ingredients. Enjoy classic dishes from burritos to tacos with the very best ingredients like fresh tilapia, lean barbacoa, and much more. Find the best Mexican cuisine in South Haven at 206 Center Street.

Café Julia

Delicious coffee and fresh sandwiches are the name of the game here. They carry the best in meats, cheeses, and ingredients to ensure these sandwiches are delicious and healthy. Among some game-changing healthy additions to these sandwiches you will find made from scratch tomato and basil hummus, cranberry chutney, and Greek dressings. This is one of the best places to eat in South Haven.
Find it at 561 Huron Street.

Find the Perfect Vacation Rental

Your very own vacation home is sure to provide more luxury, privacy, space, and convenience than any hotel could hope to provide. And the vacation rentals provided by Beachwalk Properties are sure to stand out from the rest. As one of the most celebrated vacation rental companies in South Haven, we showcase the very best real estate in the area. Whether you are looking for a home with a view of the lake, a swimming pool, or luxurious features like hot tubs and fireplaces, you will find what you are looking for with Beachwalk Properties. Browse our selection today, or give us a call for more information!

South Haven, Michigan is just that: a haven in southwestern Michigan right alongside the lake. It has become a very popular place for a vacation as the secret is out that the town features beautiful beaches and a one of a kind community. One of the best ways to get the local flavor is by visiting some of the best local restaurants, of which there are many. The following are some of the best places to eat in South Haven for a quick bite.


While you can almost always expect a crowd, Clementine’s is known for dishing out delicious food fast. Among a nostalgic and cozy atmosphere, Clementine’s is quickly whipping out American classics done right with the freshest ingredients. The menu is incredibly extensive, so there is something for everyone here. Visitors delight in picking between over 10 appetizers like the New Zealand Green Lip Mussels. Move on to fresh salads, hearty sandwiches, and expertly crafted entrees for one of the most satisfying meals you will have in South Haven. Find it at 500 Phoenix Street.

Curve Inn

The claim to fame here is everything is made from scratch and it is made in a hurry. The quick nature of the kitchen here in no way affects the quality, as you can find some of the best wood-fire chicken dinners, pizzas, burgers, soups, and much more at Curve Inn. This charming spot also gives you a good feel for the community, as you will always encounter locals coming and going. This is one of the best places to eat in South Haven! Find this South Haven hotspot at 10336 Blue Star Highway.

North Side Memories

There are few places that offer more charm than local delis. Well, North Side Memories is the go-to convenience store and deli for locals and visitors alike. Beyond the charming atmosphere, you can find many classic sandwiches along with some very inventive items on the menu. Everything is made fresh and in a hurry, so you can get back to enjoying this beautiful area. Check it out at 112 Dyckman Avenue.

Take It To-Go Back to Your South Haven Vacation Rental

There is nothing quite like vacationing in a place you have never been, yet feeling at home in a cozy and spacious vacation rental. In South Haven, nobody provides this for more people than Beachwalk Properties. We pride ourselves on not only on offering the very best in real estate that South Haven has to offer but also in making it incredibly easy to find the perfect one for you. Whether you are looking for a cozy beach cottage or something a bit more luxurious, you will find it in our large selection of homes—contact us to book with today!

Known for its expansive beaches, bustling harbor, and fun events, Michigan’s South Haven is a popular destination for summer vacation. Located right on Lake Michigan’s shoreline, South Haven is quaint and amazingly beautiful in the summertime. The summer events held in South Haven draw visitors from around the Great Lakes area and are not to be missed! Read on to learn about five of our favorite Lake Michigan Summer events in South Haven!


Known for its large, bustling harbor, South Haven’s boating community is quite large! Come celebrate life on Lake Michigan in South Haven by attending Harborfest, which is in mid-June each year.

Packed full of fun, Harborfest runs two days (Saturday and Sunday) and hosts a variety of fun events and activities to enjoy. Featuring a craft show, Food Fest, beer garden, dragon boat races, kids rides and activities, and live entertainment, Harborfest is a wonderful celebration to enjoy with the whole family. This is one of the best Lake Michigan Summer events!

South Haven Art Fair

For almost 60 years, the South Haven Art Fair has been showcasing the area’s most talented artists and craftsmen. Organized by South Haven’s Center for the Arts, the South Haven Art Fair is held yearly leading up to 4th of July.

Located at a beautiful wooded park just one block away from Lake Michigan, the South Haven Art Fair’s venue is incredibly beautiful. With 120 vendors, locally sourced food, and live music, the South Haven Art Fair is the place to go in Michigan to peruse and purchase from the best artists and creators in the area.

Light Up the Lake Fireworks

Every year on the evening of July 3rd, South Haven holds an epic fireworks show over Lake Michigan. Drawing visitors from around the Great Lakes region, this popular Lake Michigan Summer event showcases one of the best fireworks shows in the area.

Viewable from Riverfront Park, North Beach, and South Beach in South Haven, the Light Up the Lake Fireworks show blasts off fireworks a safe distance away on the North Pier. For added fun, be sure to tune your radio to Cosy at FM 103.7 for coordinated music.

A perfect event for the whole family, Light up The Lake Fireworks in South Haven is a wholesome and iconic American holiday event that is not to be missed!

South Haven 4th of July Parade

The morning after the Light Up the Lake Fireworks event, South Haven holds an annual 4th of July parade downtown. Starting at 11:00AM, the parade starts at Elkenburg and winds through several streets of downtown South Haven before ending on Center street.

Prime viewing of the parade is along Huron Street downtown near the pavilion. A wonderful event for the whole family, the South Haven 4th of July Parade features classic cars, floats, and marching bands. An exciting and loud event, we recommend the 4th of July Parade to those wishing to celebrate America’s birthday surrounded by high spirits.

National Blueberry Festival

For over 50 years, South Haven has been hosting the National Blueberry Festival each August. As the epicenter of blueberry production, South Haven started the National Blueberry Festival as a small event to celebrate the yearly blueberry harvest.

Since its inception in 1963, the National Blueberry Festival has blossomed into a large event that features baking competitions, recipe exchanges, and a parade. Fun for the whole family, we recommend the National Blueberry Festival to blueberry lovers of all ages.

Choosing Beachwalk Properties When Seeing All the Great Lake Michigan Summer Events

With so many fun events to attend all summer long in South Haven, finding comfortable and convenient vacation accommodations can be tricky. Luckily, we offer a variety of gorgeous private homes in the South Haven area. Each home is hand-selected for its location, quality, and livability and then appointed with modern amenities to help our guests feel comfortable and at home.

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